Always Waggy Tails Pet Services
Terms & Conditions
  • The normal walking time will be either 30 or 60 minutes.  With travel time, your dog could be out of the house between 60-90 minutes (based on a 60 minute walk).  Always Waggy Tails reserve the right to cut short a walk which (in our judgement) would be in the best interest &/or the safety of your dog (e.g. weather conditions, injury etc.).
  • All dogs will remain on lead unless we are confident that the dog has a strong recall and a prior agreement has been reached and written permission has been received.
  • Dogs must be up to date with all worm and flea treatment. We will ask to see certificates of vaccinations for all dogs before a walk may commence.

  • If you would like your dog(s) walked at a specific time, or for a duration that makes a 'group walk' impossible, you may be charged at a 'Solo Walk' rate.
  • Proof of Kennel Cough vaccination is required before home boarding or daycare & strongly recommended before walks.
  • No more than 4 dogs will be walked together by one handler on a group walk.
  • Bitches in season or dogs/puppies under 6 months old cannot be considered for our walking, home boarding or daycare services.
  • Wherever possible, wet dogs will be towel dried by us before we return them to you, but may still be damp (especially long-coated dogs).
  • For home boarding or daycare, dogs must be sociable with other dogs & you must inform us of any behavorial problems, traits or vices they may have before their stay.  You will be liable for any costs incurred due to withheld information.
  • Should any veterinary advice or treatment be necessary during your absence, no matter how incurred, you will be entirely responsible for the bill.  Equally, you will be entirely responsible for all costs due to any event deemed by A.W.T as 'out of our control'.
  • All Home Boarding & Daycare bookings are subject to a 50% deposit payable in advance to secure your date(s) with us. Only half of this deposit is refundable if you cancel less than 28 days, but more than 14 days before the start of a booking.  However, if you cancel with less than 14 days remaining, no refund is given.
  • Your dog is welcome to bring their favourite toy, blanket etc. to make them feel more at home but we cannot take any responsibility for the loss or damage to these items.
  • You will provide your dogs own food for the duration of their stay plus their own bed and/or bedding.
  • We reserve the right to decline/terminate a booking under any circumstances, or to terminate/change any offers without notice.
  • We will not be liable for damage to client property, or that of others caused by a clients pet(s).
  • We will not be liable if any pet escapes due to a faulty collar, lead or harness or gardens/fences in disrepair on the owners premises.
  • You should notify your neighbours and your home insurance company that we will be visiting the property in your absence.
  • A fuel surcharge may be applied dependant on your location, if it is more than 3 miles from us, or if you would like your dog walked in a different location further away.
  • A 50% deposit is required on all services.  Any outstanding balance must be paid in full, either before or upon completion, unless otherwise agreed with us beforehand.


  • For Dog Walking, House Sitting, or House Visits/Pet Feeding, there is no cancellation charge with more than 24 hours notice.  However, if less than 24 hours notice is given, or we are unable to carry out any of these services due to no fault of our own, the full fee will be charged.


Any discounts/offers can only be used separately not 'combined', or used retrospectively.